Sunday, October 29, 2006

Top 5 Songs of the Week (Hello Sunshine)

The last few days have been downright awful cold, windy, rain, sleet, hail and very gloomy. It is as if fall decided to sit this one out this year and told winter to have an extended reign. . .

Thankfully, that is not the case today and right now we are loving the fact that we have to squint as typing this post while the sun comes beating down on us thru our living room window. Today we are going to the Browns vs Jets game so hopefully the sun is a sign of good things to come, like a much needed victory for the browns.

5. (mp3) Riding Paper Airplanes - Feathers Hailing from Seattle and catering to both the organic and electro fans in all of us sounding like a combination of M83, Postal Service, and Notwist with David Bazan (aka Pedro the Lion) on vocals.

4. (mp3 ) The Slip -Even Rats These Montreal boys are coming to the States for the next few months touring with The Lovely Feathers and My Morning Jacket. Kelly says they remind her of Third Eye Blind and I say there is nothing wrong with that.

3. (mp3) The Postmarks - Goodbye (Cassettess Won't Listen Remix) A light dream-pop song that is a quick grower, highly recommended for fans of Postal Service and Stars

2. (mp3) Broadcast - Poem of Dead Song We are absolutely loving their latest album, The Future Crayon, this song being one of its highlights

1. (mp3) Matt Pond PA - Snow Day Appropriately off his Winter Songs EP, a beautiful song that's great for blistering cold and snowy days like yesterday (although, technically it was hailing!)


Kacy said...

ooo good game today. go browns!

ian said...

wow. thanks for the broadcast mp3! i've been out of the music loop lately so i didn't know the had new stuff out...