Monday, March 20, 2006


While browsing Temporary Residence Limited's website last fall I stumbled upon an intriguing musician by the name of Caroline. I downloaded her single (and only song that she had recorded at the time) and instantly loved it -- although, it probably didn't hurt that her delicate vocals sound similiar to Emiliana Torrini's, who I absolutely adore. Caroline's full length debut, Murmurs, has recently been released and she just performed live for the very first time at SXSW last week (I'm looking forward to reading about her set, among many others, in the blogs shortly).

For now you can enjoy this track, highly recommended:

[Mp3] Caroline - Sunrise

[Caroline's Myspace]

[buy Murmurs]

Bonus: Being the first day of Spring, I find this song appropriate...

[Mp3] Emiliana Torrini - Today Has Been Okay

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