Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Here Nor There

Prior to the Ladytron dj set (which was a great time, btw) we had a drink at La Cav where a flyer caught my attention for an Exhibition at e. gordon gallery for 3 Artists: Amathin, Amy Casey, Liz Maugans. In addition to this one, there are apparently some other notable exhibitions in Cleveland that can be read about in Scene's article here. Hopefully we can be in attendance to support our local artists, especially while the Cleveland Art Museum is closed for its $258 million renovation and expansion.

Meanwhile, on a completely unrelated note, here is a mini playlist of songs I have been into lately:

1. [Mp3] Bishop Allen - Things are what you make of them
2. [Mp3] Fiery Furnances - Waiting to know you
3. [Mp3] Neko Case - Hold On, Hold On
4. [Mp3] Tori Amos - Somewhere Over the Rainbow
5. [Mp3] Cassettes Won't Listen - Lunch for Breakfast
6. [Mp3] The Smiths - Frankly, Mr. Shankly

Also worth mentioning, the back of Jose's head (taking a picture of the President with his camera phone) can be found in newstands across Cleveland on the cover of the Plain Dealer:

Yeah, I drew a circle around his head in case you couldn't tell it was him. . .Jose may or may not write about seeing Bush speak yesterday afternoon, but if interested you can read about it and view pictures.

Bonus: See Jose's Dad on Good Morning America !! [click here] It is near the 1 minute mark.


christine said...

love love love that smiths song! and psyched to hear that ladytron djing it up was killer - sadly, no live sondre lerche in my future, onyl dreams of an elvis costello collaborative tour. if only!

Jezebel said...

Yay for the Cassettes track. Thumbs up on all your selections.

C. Evans said...

on Jose & El'Presidente...

Jose got a name and audio drop on The Daily Show a few nights ago.

QT vid here:

Kacy said...

your dad...hiliarious!