Thursday, March 02, 2006

Logic will Break your Heart

It seems that whenever you think a band has dropped off the face of the earth, they somehow resurface shortly after you ask someone "whatever happend to [insert band here]?" The most recent example of this would be the The Stills. Kelly and I last saw them back in May '04, where Metric and Sea Ray (rip) opened. Sadly, we missed Sea Ray's set and then they brokeup shortly thereafter. Interestingly enough -- the drummer from Sea Ray, Colin Brooks, is now the new drummer for The Stills.

To read about all the lineup changes and some other info regarding The Stills' new album go here

Which brings us to our dilemma: Do we go see The Stills with Jason Collett on April 9th or do we go see Mates of State with Maria Taylor instead? The biggest surprise is that two quality shows will be happening on the same Sunday Night (in Cleveland no less!). . .which, I guess, is a good problem to have.

Check out their new track:

[Mp3] The Stills - The New Beginning

Which is definitely very different than their prior material:

[Mp3] The Stills - Still in Love Song (remix)


Dance Hall Hips said...

god. still in love song is killer. sometimes when you are looking for a song that says what you need to say, the most obvious message sometimes is the most hard hitting. this song is an example.

Kelly & Jose said...

absolutely -- let's hope their next album maintains this level of quality