Sunday, March 12, 2006

Lines of Parallel Minds...

The other day I was at work trying to kill some time and I discovered the group The 303's. The band consits of the duo of Ingrid Dahl and Parixit Davé who hail from New Jersey. Their influences which range from: The Cure to Blonde Redhead to The Album Leaf are evident in the diversity in their sound. Kelly said that they remind her of Sing-Sing while at the same time they remind us of Ladytron, Le Tigre and Chicks on Speed. This quote from their myspace page sums them up pretty well "Fighting and incognizant, erratic and blasé, the music of The 303s creates something new: a balance of collaboration, of sincerity, and experimentation."

Their debut album drops on April 11th on cult-hero records: Pre Order Here

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