Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Diop Diop!

Today in The Plain Dealer they had a story about how Desagana Diop is coming back to face The Cavs tommorow night (who are only 2 games away from clinching their playoff spot) @ the Q. For those of you that do not know Mr. Diop, he was the # 8 pick overall of the cavs in 2001 NBA draft. This past summer he signed with the Dallas Mavericks and has become and important role player for them. He never had the opporunity to flourish here due to litany of circumstance: lack of experience, being overweight, several injuries and coaching changes. I for one am glad to see him doing well. Back to the article, within it the reporter mentioned that a local Dallas rap group had made a video of Kris Kross's "Jump Jump" and changed the lyrics to "Diop Diop." I was discussing with Mike today @ lunch how cool it would be if this were on youtube and low and behold it is:

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