Saturday, March 11, 2006

a little early

Hi. Kelly left a few hours ago to go to Naples, Florida for a weeklong but well deserved vacation. So I will be manning the ship by myself, hence you will notice the grammatical errors in her abscence. On this coming Tuesday I was planning on going to see The Subways but I found out today that the show was sold out (damn OC Fans). It really is not a big deal though because a week from today Ladytron is going to be doing their DJ set @ The B-side. We are both really looking foward to that and hope to see many of you there. Another show I am super excited for is The Walkmen. They just announced their U.S. tour dates and May 30th they are coming to c-town to the beachland ballroom. I actually just bought our tickets today. We last saw them @ Lollapalooza in Chi-town and they ripped it up despite the heat.

Check out this Ladytron DJ set from November 12th, 2005 in Toronto, Canada (real audio required)

(I hate real audio just as much as you, but this is a nice set)

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christine said...

whoa buddy - a ladytron dj set? tiiiiight!

thanks for the comment - this is my first visit to your all's blog, and i'll certainly be back!