Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Coming Soon: Brick

I was just thinking about how there hasn't seemed to be a movie worth visiting the theatre for in quite some time -- that is, until I was reminded of Brick. This film, directed by Rian Johnson and starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, has been receiving tremendous praise ever since its appearance at Sundance last year (winning "Originality of Vision").


[Official Website]

So, if you are a fan of film noir and psychological thrillers like Jose and I are, then definitely try to catch Brick when it comes to your city:

New York City - The Angelika
Los Angeles - The Arclight

Boston - Kendall and Coolidge
Chicago - Century Center Evanston and Downtown
Dallas - Magnolia
Washington DC - E Street
Denver - The Esquire
Minneapolis - Lagoon
Seattle - The Metro
San Francisco - Embarcadero
Portland - The Fox Tower
San Diego - The Hillcrest
Atlanta - Midtown

Will expand into more theaters in the Bay area, New York, LA and DC.

Austin - The Arbor
Detroit - Main Art
St. Louis - Tivoli
Indianapolis - Keystone
Milwaukee - Oriental
Philadelphia - Ritzs
Phoenix - Camelview
Sacramento - Tower
Houston - Angelika

Albany - Spectrum
Charlotte - Ballantyne
Kansas City
Louisville - Baxter
Santa Cruz
Salt Lake City


Dance Hall Hips said...

Brick looks great. im glad it's playing in seattle, although that's not too shocking.

Kristi Joy said...

oooooo I'm looking forward to this. I think Joseph Gordon-Levitt is amazing.