Monday, March 13, 2006

I'm Happy But You Don't Like Me

So, back in '03 I was unemployed and during that time I discovered mp3 blogs because let's face it -- I had alot of time on my hands. The first such blog I happened upon was largheartedboy. The way I discovered that blog was by doing a google search for the Ben Gibbard cover of "Complicated" by you know who. As a result of that blog, it led me to all the New York music blogs and that is how I learned of Asobi Seksu. A few weeks ago we saw that their spring tour was not coming to Clevleand (imagine that?) but luckily they are coming to Detroit on April 8th opening for their local Pas/Cal at the Magic Stick. At first I was somewhat reluctant to go (Detroit is only 3 hours away if that, but it can be a pain sometimes) but Kelly talked me into it. So now I am getting pretty excited to finally have the opportunity to see them.

(mp3) Asobi Seksu - Walk on the Moon (acoustic)

If you like this, find more mp3's to download on Asobi Seksu's website here

Asobi Seksu's Myspace page

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