Sunday, March 26, 2006

Have you got any Soul?

Last night The Editors/Stellastarr* and Mobius Band show was a good time. Prior to the show I was still deliberating whether or not to go see them in C-bus again on the 12th but after seeing all the band's performances, it made it very a easy decision. As it turns out, South is also playing that date, which makes it even better because I have been trying to see them for a few years but keep on missing them. Back to the show, I was especially impressed with The Editors. I thought they had a lot of presence and great energy. They are poised to hit the big time, I imagine this is the last time I will see them in a venue that small. Since I did not have my partner in crime last night I have no pictures from the show, we will be sure to take some when we go to the c-bus show.

On a side note, last night for whatever reason they were playing Otis Redding inbetween sets. I love Otis Redding. This made me happy to no end. When a venue is playing music between bands sometimes it is great and other times it leaves something to be desired. Here is some Otis Redding to enjoy on this lazy Sunday.

(mp3) Otis Redding - These Arms of Mine (Live @ The Whisky A Go Go in 1966)

(mp3) Otis Redding - Dreams to Remember Remember that awkward dance sequence in Dream a little Dream, where Corey Feldman was trying to be Michael Jackson?

(mp3) Otis Redding - I Can't Turn you Loose I love the Blues Brothers


Anonymous said...

hey, i love otis, too! i'm gonna give the old anthology a spin.

SnogAsh said...

I can attest to the awesomeness of the Editors. Too bad Stellastarr* dropped the ball.