Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The It List

Some stuff worth sharing*


-Brooklyn Local 2 is everything we hoped it would be (and more), pairing exceptionally well with the Spicy Szechuan Stir-fry and edamame we happen to be devouring at the moment.

Note: Photo above found on Flickr and Blogger, compliments of beercritic, who has several other beer photo montages worth perusing here.

-Yeah Yeah Yeahs' much anticipated album, It's Blitz!
{mp3} Soft Shock
-Neko Case's album, Middle Cyclone, is living up to high expectations
{mp3} Don't Forget Me

-Recipes with eggs on top, [this one] is next one our list
-Wasabi Peas! The more heat the better ;)

-Lovely blogs like The Bliss List and A Girl About Cleveland
-Old school classic, Tender Is The Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald and new school classic, Netherland by Joseph O'Neill

-Dora the Explorer band-aids when you cut yourself cooking :(

Note: We did not pay nearly $23 for the band-aids (more like $3.50), as the link above suggests!

-Is it wrong for us to enjoy the following clip from The Real World Brooklyn so much??


Cara said...

D'aww... That's sweet of you guys.

Jeff and I will definitely have to try recipes with eggs on top. I didn't even see your link to my blog at first. I sent a link to you, telling him what a cool blog you have and he said "why, because you're mentioned in it?"


Narm said...

I've heard 3-4 tracks from the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album and it took till the last one I heard for one to stick.

Now if only I could remember what it was. I blame those brain cells I am still missing from the wine party.

CC said...

oh my god! you use dora band-aids to?!?!?! i swear they make cuts heel at an accelerated rate:)

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

i'm with you in the thought that the hotter food is the better!

Kelly and José said...

Cara - That is very sweet :) Happy to see you posting a lot within the past couple days. We might be in Little Italy next week and will keep you posted.

Narm - The YYY's album is definitely a grower and takes some getting used to, but we've found it's well worth your time.

CC - Haha, we completely agree! They are a cute way to recover -- these band-aids look esp. fun on Jose b/c it's not every day you see a grown man wearing a Dora.

Alexa - We are on the same wavelength ;) between our love of garlic and hot/spicy foods, we are unstoppable*