Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Wine Holiday?? Open That Bottle Night is *Tonight* ;)

Around this time last year, I emailed Kelly at work (instead of actually doing work) this article that was featured in the Wall Street Journal about Open That Bottle Night, a holiday started in 2000 by Dorthy J. Gaiter and John Brecher (who both write the wine column for the WSJ).

As much we like to think we know about wine, we were pleasantly surprised to learn about this "holiday" :)

The basic premise behind Open That Bottle Night is simple: save a bottle of wine that means something to you, anything that has a sentiment behind it that you would like to reminisce about while drinking the bottle. Un-cork and enjoy that bottle with a certain special someone on Open That Bottle Night.
As for the bottle of wine we chose, it was a gift given (along with lovely wine pairing chocolates, wine/beer label savers, and a "Rate That Wine" pad) to Kelly for her Bridal Shower from our close friend, Elizabeth. Ordinarily, the only way we can keep a bottle of wine from being drunken is if we are out of town or something -- so, the fact that we have kept this bottle of wine since November is quite the accomplishment!

The wine we are drinking as we type is a 2005 Domaine Monperluis Cuvée Counoise (pictured above) and is very much worth the wait -- slightly smokey, well-balanced, with a clean finish, having notes of currant and spice. We were told us that the varietals to create this wine are only possible in France. We must say that if you see this bottle, grab it, because it is quite lovely -- thank you, Elizabeth, for the very thoughtful gift*

If you also happened to celebrate Open That Bottle Night, please let us know what you enjoyed!


Christine said...

Oh! How tragic that I missed this extremely important holiday. I'm going to make a point to find a special bottle for next year.

I'm pretty sure I opened *something* on Saturday night, but whatever it was, it was not very memorable....

Kelly and José said...

We think a lot of people opened something on Saturday ;) One of the best ways to deal with this climate (both physically and economically) is with a nice bottle of vino!

Perhaps it's a "holiday" that you/we can celebrate on any given day*