Saturday, February 28, 2009

Good Food, Wine, & Friends

It has been brought to our attention by some that we have not blogged as much since we became man and wife -- based on our limited # of posts so far this year it is hard to argue that point. We actually would like to post a lot more and have nothing to blame but a combination of being both busy and *slightly* lazy. However, these pictures hopefully capture the essence of what we have been up to throughout the past week.
Last Saturday, we hit up Le Petit Triangle Cafe for the first time and had some yummy crepes (each ordering savory crepes for dinner and sharing a peanut butter, honey, and banana crepe for desert) with our friends, Ben and Colleen. We also shared a couple bottles of wine -- and, as the picture above (compliments of suggests, Le Petit Triangle has a superb and very reasonable wine list.

On Wednesday, we headed to Jason's for a local blogger meet-up -- pictured below is Jason, Narm, Kelly and Jose (Matt had not arrived yet while Alexa took this picture :))
Everyone brought a bottle of wine and created a dish that they had never made before. We ended up devouring all of the delicious food and drank every last drop of wine -- we enjoyed ourselves, so much infact, that Thursday morning we were still feeling the effects of the wonderful evening! (Note: Alexa and Narm also touched on the evening here and here) We contributed by making Tuscan Stuffed Mushrooms (from Giada's Kitchen) and Curried Rice Krispie Treats (a recipe Kelly found in Elle, which has also been featured in Food & Wine, from The Violet Hour, a very swank bar in Chicago) and a bottle of Terra Boa Tinto (you would never know it's only $5.79 at Heinen's). We know what you are thinking: the wine and stuffed mushrooms sound great, but curried rice krispie treats??? Seriously, they are sooo tasty and very easy to make.
On Thursday, Kelly headed to Crop Bistro for her first time to enjoy dinner with some ladies and take advantage of Downtown Restaurant Week 2009. Her favorite part of the dinner was the Mini Miso Faux Soup (constituting of glass noodles, miso broth, vegetable, cilantro --pictured above) and the Some Like It Hot dessert (warm, flourless chocolate cake, macadamia crunch ice cream, mango-lime coulis, citrus tuile -- pictured below)
The restaurant had a warm bustling energy while maintaining the perfect balance of class and comfort. Kelly loved everything about her Crop dining experience and is already plotting her next visit ;) Pictured below: Erin (Kelly's sister), Erika, Rebecca, and Kelly
After going out the last couple evenings, we made the executive decision to stay in last night (this is becoming a trend) and gave the pizza with egg recipe another go. You may recall we first made it last Friday. We learned (the hard way) that you have to be very careful placing the eggs on the pizza b/c they can easily slide right off. We also learned that you should spin the pizza pan 180 degrees half way through baking so the eggs get cooked evenly -- we prefer them slightly runny while others might enjoy their eggs completely or barely cooked.
This time we made the egg pizza with pecorino romano cheese, parmesan cheese, garlic, roasted red pepper, spinach, scallions, mushrooms and of course egg -- and we must say, it turned out absolutely wonderful. Jose enjoyed his slice with a Founders Dirty Bastard while Kelly sipped on a glass of Starborough Sauv Blanc.
ps - Special thanks to Jason for not only hosting a great gathering but playing this surprisingly good cover the other night. We both have never been fans of Bobby Bare Jr., but this cover of "Where is My Mind" might just have changed that.

Listen for yourself:

(mp3) Bobby Bare Jr. - Where is my mind (Pixies cover)


matt said...

Man, that egg pizza looks good. Gonna have to give that a try.

Similarly, I took a second run at making quiche this weekend, and finally got my "frankenstein" recipe back to the recipe I remember as a kid....

Good times with you both on Wednesday...always glad when we can get together!

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

yay! i had so much fun with you guys!!!

we must do it again very soon.


Mel said...

I went to Crop on Saturday - WOW! my meal was amazing! I had the habernero ice cream and molten chocolate dessert. So fantastic!

BTW, do you make your own pizza crust or do you use store bought? I have been craving a homemade pizza like this...

Cara said...

Oh wow, that looks amazing.

I saw that you're going to see Andrew Bird in April - So are we! We saw him two years ago in Columbus and I've been dying to see him again ever since.

I also saw that you like Explosions in the Sky. Did you see them at Beachland?

Here's an artist I'd suggest to you both (And I hope I'm not being too forward in doing so!): Shearwater. Check out Okkervil River too, if you want. We've seen OR five times!!

Kelly and José said...

Matt - You should definitely give the egg pizza a go sometime and let us know how it turns out.

Also, we would *love* the recipe to your Quiche, we've never made anything like that and want to give it a whirl.

Alexa - We had such a great time with you guys too :) Also, what is the name of that yummy "wolf wine"??

We thought of you yesterday while skimming the pages of Elle Magazine and coming across a Chloe ad, remembering how you asked the now infamous question: "Did you just kick the Chloe??" haha

Mel - I also had the "Some Like It Hot" at Crop but they had run out of the habenero ice cream and replaced it with the macadamia crunch -- I like spicy but wasn't sure whether I'd like it in ice cream form, but I'll give it a shot sometime per your recommendation. Either way, it was absolutely delicious!

As for the pizza crust, we usually get the fresh homemade kind in "ball form" from Heinen's (they have whole wheat and regular) but this particular Egg Pizza Recipe called for the Baboli Whole Wheat Thin Crust. We were tentative to use that at first but must say we have since become fans!

Cara - That is that is awesome that you're also going to the Andrew Bird show :) Where did you see him in C-bus?

And, yes, we are big fans of Explosions in the Sky -- we were at The Beachland when they came a year ago and saw them in Montreal at Osheaga Music + Arts Festival in Sept. '07, they're unbelievable live but we definitely prefer seeing them outdoors.

Thank you for the music recommendations -- we have heard so many good things about Shearwater but have yet to get into them. We remember they came to the Beachland's Tavern this past fall. As for OR, we are love them :) seeing them open for The New Pornographers in Pittsburgh last year was one favorite shows of recent years. We thought about seeing them again when they stopped through Pittsburgh last October, but sometimes it's hard to drive to/from another state on a school night!

Cara said...

Kelly and Jose:

Jonathan Meiburg of Shearwater used to be in OR, and Will Sheff used to have a hand in Shearwater. There are some similarities in the two bands. The show at Beachland was amazing yet very depressing. There were only about 15 people there and I really hope that didn't scare them off.

My cousin Chelsea ( played at the Tavern and had the same issue. Shearwater is a national act but not as well known yet. I don't think there's as much foot traffic to Beachland as say... The Grog Shop et al to really draw a crowd that doesn't already know what they're getting into.

We saw Andrew Bird at the Great Southern Theatre in Downtown Columbus. This was an amazing show. Jeff's dad and sister came along too, but they didn't sit with us. His dad thought Andrew Bird's music was "noise" (wtf).

We've seen Okkervil River in Columbus, Hamilton (Ontario) and Buffalo. Jeff saw them in Cleveland too.

EitS have a sentimental tie to us both, and we were also at the Beachland show.

I love your blog for new music. I have a page too - Do you guys have one? ( Ozma was my top for the longest time, but Andrew Bird has taken over since Noble Beast came out. I'm going to buy the special edition if they have it, since I really want to hear his instrumental album.

I updated the blog and have the skyline pic up again. If you can't snag it from there - let me know and I'll link you to it when I'm not at work.

Kelly and José said...

Jose says he had known about that guy being in OR. Our friend, Stephanie (even*cleveland) was at that Shearwater show, which is how we had heard about it -- that's too bad there wasn't anyone there, but at least you were. We've had similar experiences, and we particularly love when the bands/musicians embrace the intimacy of the audience, lending itself to a good show to both the artist and listener.

That is cool about Andrew Bird (with the exception of Jeff's dad) -- we enjoy his older material and are looking forward to hearing his material from "Noble Beast" translated to a live setting.

We were *very* impressed with OR and hope they come back soon -- how do you feel about their latest album?

Thank you for the kind words :) We will be adding you on shortly*

ps - we'll try and snag that beautiful picture of Cleveland's skyline, did you take it yourself?