Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Random Retro Wednesday Song: Rooms on Fire

Last night, in between cooking dinner and taking turns playing dj, we stumbled upon a rendition of Vampire Weekend performing Fleetwood Mac's Everywhere. I was particularly excited about this discovery, wondering why Jose didn't quite join in on my enthusiasm, but quickly remembered that he doesn't share the love I have for Fleetwood Mac and, more specifically, Stevie Nicks.

I have always attributed the origin of my affinity toward my most beloved *fundamental* female musicians (ie - Tori Amos, Liz Phair, Heather Nova, Fiona Apple, etc.) to the amount of time the 8-year old version of myself spent singing and dancing around to Stevie Nicks' The Other Side of the Mirror. My favorite song on that little cassette tape HANDS DOWN was "Rooms on Fire" and I used to hope to catch a piece of the music video on MTV -- although, I remember thinking it was weird that she was holding a baby in such a dangerous setting. I also remember my mom not necessarily approving of the whole "witch thing" that Stevie Nicks has always been associated with. . .I, of course, simply thought it made her much more interesting.

[Mp3] Vampire Weekend - Everywhere


Roger Zender said...

This is great!

Stephanie said...

Excellent choice!

I love Stevie!

Bridget Callahan said...

I was way more of a Bangles girl when I was 8. So I'm with Jose on this one, cause Stevie Nicks is a little scary.

matt said...

I am not a Stevie fan generally...but this is a severe guilty pleasure tune for me :-)

Aaliyah said...

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thanks again!