Saturday, February 21, 2009

Top 5 Songs of The Week (Egg, Prosciutto and Spinach Pizza Edition because it is not just for dinner)

This past week has been a hard one for so many people -- between more people losing their jobs and those who have jobs dealing with more stress, especially the industries that we work in (banking and manufacturing). Let's not even begin to talk about the losses that continue to sustain in the stock market where people's 401K's are being destroyed as stocks once at over $50 a share are down to less than $3 & $4 dollars now. And then there is the weather over the last few days.... :(

With all that uplifting news, we decided to stay in last night and cook some pizza to cheer us up. Kelly perused the Food Networks's website and stumbled upon this healthy simple and delicious recipe from one our favorite's, Ellie Krieger. Lately we had been seeing a lot of recipes where you put an egg on top of a burger or a piece of pizza, etc. So we decided to give it a shot. Above is what it looked before the oven and below is the pièce de résistance (before we demolished it!). It was mighty tasty although next time we will add more garlic -- we always double if not triple the amount any recipe calls for and this pizza still did not have nearly enough garlic for us. . .we love to sweat it from our pores.
In other dining news, this evening we headed to our first meal at Le Petite Triangle for an early dinner before heading over to the Cleveland Public Threatre (aka CPT) to see the play "Unethical" by Margi Herwald Zitelli. This will also be our first trip to CPT. Then following the play we are stopping over to The Beachland to check out The Little Ones/Brett Dennen show.

For now, we hope you have a great Saturday and enjoy the following Top Songs of the Week:

5. (mp3) Tortured Soul - Did You Miss Me This song induces Jose to start dancing, clapping his hands, and bobbing his head in a way few songs can, especially without alcohol. The perfect combination of Jazz, NeoSoul, R&B, House music that is tailor made for commercial air-play. We expect to hear this particular song in the background of [insert popular teen drama here].

4. (mp3) Bell X1 - Blow Ins (Daytrotter Session) Bell X1 have a new record, Blue Lights On The Runway, coming out March 3rd, which this song appears on. We are fortunate enough to already have a copy and have been enjoying it for weeks now, a solid and varied album, so much to the point where on each track you might think you're listening to a different band (ie - David Byrne, Great Lake Swimmers, Andrew Bird, among others). Quite the departure from their previous material that always seemed to sound like another Snow Patrol meets Radiohead clone.

3. (mp3) Pomegranates - Corriander This foursome and woxy favorite is coming straight out of the 'Nati and is on tour next month to your town and to this year SXSW (but not to C-town, beh). They make sweet sounding art pop with some jagged guitar riffs that you won't chip your tooth on and that's just as lip smacking good as the fruit they are named after. Although Kelly might not completely agree with me, the vocals and instrumentation of Gemma Hayes comes to mind.

2. (mp3) The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition With guitar strumming and rhythms reminiscent of early U2 and vocals sweet as honey. These Aussies will be making many appearances at this year's SXSW as well as being heard on the trailer for (500) Days of Summer, the directorial debut of well known music video director, Marc Webb (who has directed music videos for Jimmy Eat World, My Chemical Romance, Brand New, et al). This film stars two current stars of the indie film world, Joseph Gordan Levitt and Zooey Deschanel and looks very promising and up our alley :) However, the narration on the trailer is pretty terrible.

1. (mp3) Cotton Jones - Gotta Cheer Up This group comprises of Michael Nau, who was the lead singer of Page France, and his partner in crime Whitney McGraw. On this new project they are churning out some beautifully soulful and haunting tunes that will have you humming in no time. They will be playing @ this year's SXSW but first will be headed to Cleveland on March 11th to play a show in the Tavern at The Beachland with locals Good Morning Valentine/The Modern Electric opening.


brian said...

Sans the ham, that pizza looks AWESOME. I am totally making that this week.

Allison M. said...

keep the proscuitto on there - I love it.

CC said...

that looks so yummy! i looove the sunnyside pizza at bar cento. i want to recreate it (or attempt to) myself but was unsure about whether or not you cracked the eggs right on to the pizza or cooked them before hand. your pic looks like you cracked the raw egg on the pizza; is there a special trick to keep the egg from running? does it just stay together on its own?

Kelly and José said...

Brian - you're a vegetarian, right? We made a yummy veggie version this past week :)

Allison - yes, prosciutto is one of our most favorite ingredients!

CC - you should definitely try it out! We cracked the eggs right onto the pizza (well, we first cracked the egg into a bowl and then *carefully( placed it on the pizza) before baking, so they cooked as the pizza cooked. I was worried about the egg running too, but it actually seems to stay together quite nicely! Definitely let us know how it goes*