Monday, February 02, 2009

It's Business Time: Flight of The Conchords are coming to town!

We are super excited to announce (that is, if you have not heard already) that those crazy kiwis known as Bret and Jemaine of Flight of The Conchords are coming to Kent State @ The Mac Center on April 19th. Kristen Schaal (aka Mel) from the show will be opening for them. We almost went to go see them last summer in Columbus but did not know about the show until the night before and had to make a hasty decision not to go. We have currently being enjoying Season # 2 -- how do you feel about the new episodes thus far?

Below is one of our favorite songs from this current season:

They have so many great songs it is hard for us to choose our favorite, but we absolutely love this one:

(mp3) Flight Of The Conchords - Sellotape (Pencils In The Wind)


CB said...


I'm totally down for that. Are you guys? We should order tix in a group or something (if you haven't already).

Kelly and José said...

We're definitely down :) Tickets go on sale in a couple days, so we shall discuss details with you soon!

Stephanie said...

I saw them last May - it was lots of fun.

It was great seeing you guys last night!

Heidi Robb said...

He he - here's one from a post of mine last June - great minds:

Any xtra tickets around?

Sawat-dee kaa!