Monday, March 09, 2009

Playing Hooky On A Monday

After weeks of trying to do so, I finally convinced Jose to take a day off with me. One of the very few "brightsides" of this economy's gloomy state is that I have been taking a mandatory day off every week. Ordinarily, I would never be able to take off any time to do absolutely nothing -- that is, unless I was skipping town for a vacay or something.

Between this chilling, rainy weather and losing an hour of sleep -- it makes a good case to stay in from work anyhow, right?

An otherwise typical day for Jose:
Since we're not going to work today, we'll have lots of time to rest up (and save our appetites) for our first visit to Melt this evening -- yeah, instead of recommending this increasingly infamous establishment to others, we are actually going ourselves! After skimming the menu, I'm left salivating and overwhelmed (suggestions, anyone?) while Jose already knows that he is going to order the Mushroom Melt.

Today also marks our first time hitting up The Winchester Tavern, a venue that we've been looking forward to checking a show out at for quite some time. We'll be seeing the 1st of 3 shows that we'll be attending in five days, which is tastefully old school for us.

The breakdown of those shows is:

Tonight: Greg Laswell w/ Jay Nash & Anya Marina @ The Winchester

Just Because: (mp3) Anya Marina - All The Same To Me

Wednesday: The Cotton Jones w/ Good Morning Valentine & The Modern Electric @ The Beachland Ballroom in the Tavern

Just Because: (mp3) Cotton Jones - Gone The Bells [Daytrotter Session]

Friday: Chairlift w/ YACHT & DJ Peter Pleasurecruise @ The Grog Shop

Just Because: (mp3) Chairlift - Don't Give A Damn


Suzanne said...

I am always a fan of the Wake 'n' Bacon. Also the Parmageddon is tasty but a lot of carbs.

Kelly and José said...

The Wake 'n' Bacon caught my eye too -- however, if I were to order it, would it would be a crime if I'd do so sans bacon?

As for the Parmageddon, it definitely sounds like something Jose would get and that I would steal a few bites from if I were tipsy*


Narm said...

My recommendation for Melt? EVERYTHING.

And plenty of time after to nap.

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

have so much fun tonight! : )

CC said...

kelly & jose,

i had a great time tonight. i'm so happy i finally got to meet everyone. i hope we can do it again sometime! how was the show?

Ben said...

Oh man. I'm too late to influence your choices!

we went on Friday, and enjoyed SEVERAL delicious beers during our (expected) hour and a half wait. I can now recommend the Northcoast Shores (crab cakes) for your next visit. It falls in at number 3 for me, right behind the December special, macaroni and cheese grilled cheese. mmmmmm

matt said...

So much fun, you guys....thanks again for the idea!

*harumph! to CB!*

Kelly and José said...

Narm - Jose was disappointed that he didn't need a nap afterward and thinks he needs to get much bigger sandwich next time.

Alexa - Thank you :)

CC - We had a great time too! The show was a lot of fun and will be posing a re-cap soon.

Ben - I must get that Northcoast Shores sandwich next time! Well, hopefully we'll be meeting you and Colleen at Melt soon*

Matt - Yeah! We second a harumph! to CB ;)


brian said...

I am so jealous of all of you who engaged in Melt. Jerks.

Kelly and José said...

Brian - There is always next time :)