Sunday, March 08, 2009

A Great Sunday Brunch

Happy 1 year Anniversary to the Sunday Brunch @ The Beachland where Kevin and Melanie from Music Saves will be helping to celebrate with some choice jams to help you survive that hour of sleep you lost from daylight savings last night. We have gone a few times and it is beyond delicious as you can see from a picture we took above. If you have not had a chance to go we highly recommend you do so. The food (especially the huevos rancheros), tunes, and atmosphere are exactly what you need to help get you thru a lazy Sunday!

Speaking of Music Saves it has been brought to our attention by our friend Justin as well as the guys at the awesome Cleveland+Chicago blog, Citizen Dick that on Wednesday before the Cotton Jones show, they will be doing an in-store performance @ Music Saves @ 8pm you get $1 off your admission to the show for attending.

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CC said...

i can almost smell the greasy deliciousness through the screen! mmmmmm...