Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saturday 2 Saturday Pictorial

A lot of the following pictures are out of focus, which pretty much personifies this past week: it's been a blur*
Proudly displaying our two bottles of wine we won at Bar Cento/Bier Markt
Chowing down on Nigella's Tuna & Beans and Giada's Mushroom & Pecorino Salad in between chugs of Tröegs Nugget Nectar
Melt's record cover menus are a fun touch -- Jose appropriately getting The Monkees
The thirst quenching beer, perfectly salted french fries, and masterfully made grilled cheese sandwiches were all pretty much amazing
Jay Nash wisely welcomed Anya Marina on stage during his set at The Winchester
We are obsessed with Nigella's Mozzarella with Crazy Gremolata, making it twice this week
Cotton Jones performed a tranquil three song set at Music Saves
Note: Random dude dressed up as Tigger in the far right
We caught Cotton Jones later that evening in The Beachland's Tavern
Soaking in the warm glow of La Dolce Vita, our favorite Little Italy haunt
Ladies: try their limoncello martinis -- they're TO DIE ;)
::Random Flash::
A glimpse of Bier Markt's "fragile" one legged lamp


Cara said...

You were in Little Italy and we weren't there! Ack! We just got back to Cleveland on Sunday. There will be a post with pictures later tonight, hopefully!

Urban Miracles said...

i LOVE that first black/white photo of Kelly with the wine bottles. I especially love how the photo is only focused on her hands....which is so elegant and a bit mysterious. Love it!!

CC said...

you guys win the prize for best week ever!

Kelly and José said...

Cara - Definitely looking fwd to checking out your pictures :)

UM/Sarah - Thank you! That means so very much coming from you*

CC - It was fun, now if we could just catch up on our sleep somehow. . .


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