Thursday, March 05, 2009

Can We Get a Hell Yeah!!

Okay, so just a moment ago we got an email from Bar Cento explaining that we won two free bottles of wine from submitting a survey last week -- yeah, we totally thought it was spam. Last week's visit marked our first time at the bar since Chef Sawyer's departure -- we were pleased to see that Bar Cento continues to maintain the same great atmosphere and food (oh how we love those pomme frites), although we cannot deny that we missed the widow and her chef :)

Once it becomes apparent that winter will hopefully (keep your fingers crossed) be departing, people's spirits seem to rise. This spring we are definitely looking fwd to The Tribe's 2009 Season, playoff games for The Cavs, the newest edition to the Cleveland Museum of Art opening, as well as the much anticipated opening of The Greenhouse Tavern. Not to mention, with the arrival of spring, we will *finally* be able to eat and drink outdoors on the many awesome patios our region has to offer.

And, it seems that without fail, once the weather improves, the better shows come to town. With that, we give you a few shows that are coming to town that make us say "Can We get a hell yeah?"
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart: April 30th at The Beachland's Tavern

This show is conveniently within a couple days of Jose's Birthday, so we are thinking of getting some friends together and celebrate. We had placed this infectious twee band's music in our top five a couple weeks ago [here].

{Mp3} Teenagers In Love

Maria Taylor: April 18th at The Grog Shop

[This] is why we are always excited to see Miss Taylor coming and [this] is our coverage of the last time she came through Cleveland with the awesome duo also known as Mates of State. Her new album, LadyLuck drops March 31st.

{Mp3} A Good Start (KCRW acoustic)

Thao Nguyen & The Get Down Staydown: May 12th at The Beachland's Tavern

We are crazy excited that Thao (& her gang) are stopping in Cleveland! We have been fans basically as long as we have been blogging [per this post from feb. '06] and have been hoping for this lovely lady to grace us with her presence. Especially since Kelly just missed Thao upon her trip this past fall to SF, visit our buddy, Sarah, by one mere day *sigh*

{Mp3} Bag Of Hammers


Bill Teets said...

Free wine gets a double hell yeah! Hell yeah, hell yeah! (or was that 3 times already?)

Brian said...

Bad form to leave a non-post related comment, but I wanted to pass along that Cotton Jones will be in-store at Music Saves before the show (8:00, free, dollar off admission to the Beachland). Saw that you were planning to attend, didn't want you to miss out.

Congrats on the free wine.

Heidi Robb said...

Thanks for passing along the Sunday brunch info.

I became a new fan of Thao via Daytrotter - great to know via SO she'll be passing through!