Saturday, March 21, 2009

Top 5 Songs Of The Week (Cleveland International Film Festival Opening Weekend Edition)

Last night we had the opportunity to hit up the 33rd CIFF (Cleveland International Film Festival) which had just started Thursday evening and runs through next Sunday. We are hoping to see at least ten films, having had the pleasure of viewing two last night. And, let us just say that these two films could not have been more different.

Kisses is an endearing film about two kids in Ireland who run away to Dublin during Christmas to escape their problems. A film that possesses both a whimsical yet real quality, showing life through the eyes of innocent and honest children. Memorably, we found ourselves smiling at the crazy foul mouths these kids had!

Gomorrah is the much talked about Italian film that won the Jury prize at last year's Cannes and is based on the best selling novel of the same name. This quietly intense movie focuses on the fearless and fearful people involved in Camorra, the local mafia, based in Naples, Italy. An incredibly stirring film that we can't stop talking and thinking about after having seen it. We can easily say we have never seen anything quite like this film.

In other exciting news, this afternoon we are going to hit up the Indigo Imp Brewery for a private tour where we are hoping to sample their new beer, Jester. Our next stop will be at the Tremont Tap House to watch some of the tournament, drink some beers and eat some delicious grub.

But before all that, we're sharing our Top Five Songs of the Week :) Enjoy!

5. (mp3) Sarah Winchester - Raft This chanteuse brings to mind the essence of Cat Power combined with the dreamscapes of Azure Ray. A song originally recorded on her personal laptop computer, leaves you feeling warm and safe just like you are home.

4. (mp3) The French Semester - The East Man Another breezy jangle-pop tune that we've become hopelessly smitten with. Don't be fooled by the unassuming melody you initially hear, be forewarned that it slowly creeps up on you and keeps you coming back for repeated listens.

3. (mp3) Little Big Adventure - The Hateful Eye A one man band showcasing his house beats and doom-pop vocals much in the vein of Her Space Holiday. A chill yet dancy song that kind of reminds of Stone Roses meets Culture Club. Weird right? :)

2. (mp3) White Lies - To Lose My Love Some might refer to these guys as a darker Killers, clearly influenced by both New Order and Depeche Mode. Between the hype they'll undoubtedly create at SXSW followed by spreading their gospel via the NME North American Tour (sadly not coming our way), we have confidence that they will become something big.

1. (mp3) Tori Amos - I'm On Fire (Springsteen Cover) Random, we know. . .but, Kelly is super excited for the new Tori album, Abnormally Attracted to Sin, coming out in May. Everything that we've heard thus far sounds quite lovely -- can't wait*


Anonymous said...

thanks for this. . .

Kelly and José said...

You're welcome :)

Mel said...

I'll be there Thursday night and attempt a double movie feature! LOL


Kelly and José said...

On Thursday evening we'll be seeing Chaser -- perhaps we'll see you there*

Mel said...

We opted for "Quiet Chaos" and "Kanchivaram." :)

"Chaser" was originally on the list though!