Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our Trip to Indigo Imp!

Yesterday afternoon, we had the pleasure of touring the Indigo Imp Brewery, hanging out, and sampling some of their latest beer, Jester. After meeting Matt and Kathy (aka the brewmaster and the brewmaster's master) at a Wine/Beer Tasting @ Heinen's a few months ago, we thought they were so nice and cool. At that point we casually discussed coming down to their brewery to check out the digs -- and, as luck would have it, yesterday was that day and we (along with Kelly's sister, Erin, and brother-in-law, Todd, who are also fans) had such a wonderful time. Thanks again, guys!
Matt answering our questions in the cooling room
Jester, Indigo Imp's latest tasty brew, coming soon (in April) to a Heinen's near you.
Note: The red wax (as opposed to the blue wax on their other beers)
A display of stylin' Imp t-shirts that you can buy at the brewery
Matt and Todd talking shop :)
It was great being able to sample Jester, a Belgian style pale ale, perfect for these upcoming Spring months
Leaving Indigo Imp - when stopping by, look for the blue door*


Erin O'Brien said...

hip beer, yay!

Brian said...

You two really make me miss the good beers. I quit drinking about 1 year ago just because I needed a break. Will I crack open a beer anytime soon? Still not sure about that...

That is awesome you were both able to get a behind the scenes / first sip at their brewery.