Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Random Retro Wednesday Song: Fisherman's Blues

Yesterday, while we were at the parade there was one of the floats in the parade where a band was playing "Fisherman's Blues" by The Waterboys. The Waterboys are a celtic rock band with members from Ireland, England & Scotland. They have been an influence to the likes of Bono and Colin Meloy. When they broke up in the 80's their members went on to form World Party they are now back together.

I love this song and every time I hear it I think about drinking to this song in college with my friend Matt. Neither of us had ever heard The Waterboys until one of our friends, Dave, had rented this indie film Dream With The Fishes where their song "Fishermans Blues" is used. That movie features a lot of other great tunes on its totally kick ass soundtrack with songs from Nick Drake, The Tindersticks, Grandaddy, Wilco (although not on the soundtrack one of their songs appears in the movie), The Squirrel Nut Zippers and Jeremy Engik. If you are wondering about the movie, it is the only movie I have ever liked where David Arquette is the main character as you know he has been in some really awful flicks (Ready To Rumble, Scream 3 and Airheads, among others). The acting in Dream With The Fishes may not be the best but the overall story is one worth telling and it is one of my favorite movies.


Heidi Robb said...

I always was fond of the waterboy's song the whole of the moon. check it out :)!

Heidi Robb said...

Oh my - just gave the whole of the moon a quick listen - even tho it is from early 90's, it sounds SO 80's!

Kelly and José said...

Thank you, Heidi! We'll definitely be sure to check Whole of the Moon out :)