Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Today is the first St. Patrick's day Kelly and I have ever spent together (omit last year because we did not participate in the festivities). Kelly has managed to be in Florida, Poland or Chicago over the last 5 St. Patrick's days. I am much looking fwd to taking her down to the parade and showing her how we do here in Cleveland. We are getting ready to head over to my aunts house for a traditional Irish breakfast before heading downtown. In addition to the parade we want to try some of those awesome eats that are going to be served at The Greenhouse Tavern today. We both love this Guinness commercial that we have posted below. It is especially cute how when they are playing "When Irish Eyes are Smiling" like it is a "Jingle Bells". We hope you all have a great day! Sláinte


Suzanne said...

I have to work today but I am planning on heading over to E4th sometime today. I hope there are still frittes.

Cara O'Myliver said...

I wish I could say hello! I work downtown but only have a half hour lunch.

I'll be heading home (like an old lady) around 7:00 and might celebrate St. Paddy's in Little Italy. (haw)

Peter PleasureCruise said...

lovin your blog!!!

Kelly and José said...

Suzanne - Hope you ended up getting some frittes! We were just a little too late. . .boo

Cara - Not an old lady at all, just responsible ;)

Peter - Happy to hear you're enjoying the blog!