Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We don't drink Mich Ultra (well, Kelly does sometimes)

Admittedly, both of us have come down with severe cases of Olympic Fever. . .

Note: We just observed Michael Phelps win his fourth gold metal, whose height Jose is jealous of (Jose being only 6'4", he doesn't like when anyone is taller)

Okay, so -- we don't watch gymnastics often (or ever) and we're wondering whether the vault being used throughout the Olympics is normal? At the risk of sounding ignorant, perhaps it's the standard Chinese vault?


While hanging out at Erin and Todd's Saturday evening, we enjoyed listening to Sirius's Alt Nation Countdown From 21 and after hearing a couple Kooks (a band we had been familiar with but not necessarily in love with) songs on the countdown we were slightly intrigued and made a mental note to check out their latest album, Konk.

So, we downloaded their album this evening and were enjoying what we heard until track nine (Shine On) where at that point we thought, "isn't that the S%^&* song from that Mich Ultra commercial??" And, why yes, it is:

While one might say that we have a tendency to be Indie-Yuppies, we never under any circumstance consider ordering a Mich Ultra after working out (EVER). Instead, we ideally would enjoy *any* of Brooklyn Brewery's or Unibroue's beers.

Just because: [Mp3] The Kooks - Shine On


BloggingJason said...

Guinness is a low-calorie beverage. I stick to that when I'm playing soccer.

ryan said...

michael phelps is 6'4"

Kelly and José said...

Good choice, Jason. Afterall, Guinness is supposedly good for you :)

Hmm. . .you're actually correct, Ryan -- we must have misheard the commentator. Oops*

Alexa said...

i can't stop watching the olympics it's causing me to lose precious sleep!

but i just love it

Mel said...

Hah, I LOVE the term "Indie-Yuppie." I was reading through (some of) the comments, then scrolled down to this:

you might be an indie yuppie if you've read through all the posts, skipping some to find the really funny, edgy ones that don't really apply to you because you're just a little more "scene" than that

Ha. Awesome.

I was all obsessive over Phelps two nights ago. I just couldn't stay up again last night.