Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sundays are for Bloody Mary's

In honor of Sunday being our favorite day to drink Bloody Mary's. . .

A few weeks ago, I was in San Francisco visiting my lovely friend, Sarah. While soaking in the afternoon sun, we decided what could possibly be better than a Bloody Mary??

And, we were in the perfect neighborhood to do so: The Mission. Not to mention, José was nice enough to let me borrow his GQ magazine (the one with Seth Rogan gracing the cover) to read on my long flight -- my favorite article being The 20 Best Cocktails In America where an intriguing little San Francisco bar, Elixir's, Bloody Mary (aka "The Bloody Elixir") placed #3.

So, of course, we make our way over to The Elixir Saloon to see what all the fuss is about. And, we cannot even express the joy we were overcome with upon learning that there was a "make your own" Bloody Mary Buffet of sorts. . .

The guy below clearly was enjoying himself (perhaps because he had one too many Bloody Mary's) and convinced me to take this photo of him:

"Drink More Think Less"
Immediately, we dove into the Bloody Mary buffet, following the recipe provided for The Bloody Elixir, which of course I added (at least) three times more Tabasco sauce to. One word: AMAZING.

The Bloody Buffet

Sarah was like, "okay, these Bloody Mary's are pretty much amazing but we NEED to go right down the street to Zeitgeist for a little comparison." So that we did :) Zeitgeist kind of reminded me of Garage Bar but with more of a hipster vibe -- we hung out on the patio, where the people watching was just incredible. And, I must say that their Bloody Mary was absolutely fantastic (the green olives and lemon were a very nice touch), yet ultimately the Elixir vs. Zeitgeist drink-off was a complete draw*

Miss Sarah and Miss Mary
For now, we hope you are enjoying your Sunday and perhaps a Bloody Mary or two :)


Alexa said...

the summer after college i worked at a bar on mackinac island. every sunday i had to set up the bloody mary bar. i had to be there at 10am (usually hungover) and stuff olives with blue cheese.

yeah, thats a random comment i know.

but i kinda want a bloody mary now.

BloggingJason said...

I am not a huge Bloody Mary fan(They contain vodka and sometimes olives or pickles. Barf.), but Touch Supper Club has a Sunday brunch Bloody Mary bar. And while I'm not a fan of those, I am a fan of Touch's food. I now realize that it might not be the closest drive (I incorrectly assumed you lived closer to Downtown. I also don't think good...), but it's worth checking out.

Sarah said...

I love the photo of that guy, followed by a rather busty shot of me. That was a fabulous day!

Kelly and José said...

Alexa - At least you weren't stuffing the olives with anchovies like I had the pleasure of doing one summer job :)

Jason - We are also a big fan of Touch's food (especially their Duvel Steamed Mussels, yum) and definitely appreciate you telling us about their Bloody Mary Bar. We'll need to check it out soon*

Sarah - Haha! I didn't even notice b/c your MTV Jams shirt kind of camouflaged that ;) xo