Friday, August 22, 2008

Tonight: The Silent Years [and Hot Cha Cha]

Who: The Silent Years with Cleveland's Hot Cha Cha

Catchy Indie Pop Melodies of TSY's complimented by Hot Cha Cha's All-Girl Rock Songs à la The Sounds and Metric

Cleveland's new(ish) venue, The Matinee

When: TONIGHT! / doors open at 8pm

Why: Did we mention the show is FREE?? ;) Actually, *all* shows at The Matinee are -- although, of course donations are accepted/appreciated.

[Stream] The Silent Years - Black Hole

TSY's new Album, The Globe, now available on iTunes / Official Release: August 26th

[MySpace] The Silent Years

Definitely looking forward to checking out each of these bands, both of which we've only heard excellent things*


BloggingJason said...

Have you been to the Matinee yet? I haven't had the chance to get there /heard any bands playing there that have intrigued me...

matt said...

I've been to the Matinee several times.....I like it....not a huge space, but there's enough room to enjoy a good band without getting claustrophobic....and the crowds are usually mid-sized, leaving plenty of room to move around...

I'm going to try to make it over to Matinee after I get done at the Winchester...hopefully catch at least part of The Silent Years!!

CB said...

When you watch Hot Cha Cha, think about pre-Kurt Courtney Love. You'll get where I'm going with this about 2 minutes into the set.

matt said...

Ouch. I'm not sure that sounds complimentary, CB :-)

Kelly and José said...

Jason -- This will be our first time checking out The Matinee, for the same reasons you stated. Although, seems like it should be a cool place to see a show and their website says they make homemade infused vodka (ie - strawberry, pineapple, blood orange).

CB -- We'll definitely let you know our thoughts regarding your [pre-Kurt] Courtney Love / Hot Cha Cha parallel.

Matt -- Perhaps we will see you at the show*

matt said...

I think I'll be a late arrival....11ish? So I'll probably miss most or all of The Silent Years, but I'll definitely say howdy if I make it out...and will anxiously await your Silent Years review!!