Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Damnit, we wish we had some vodka tonight!

This evening we are enjoying some yummy blackberry mead, on the rocks no less, because it is so damn humid. We really wish we had some vodka in the house so we could make a nice cocktail (we know! shame on us for not having any in the house. . .we do have tequila in the freezer though, does that count?) One of our favorite cocktails of all time is vodka and chambord and this mead actually reminds us of chambord but not quite as sweet and sticky. It just so happens that one of our most beloved author's, Chuck Klosterman, signature drink (well, one of them at least) is chambord with 7up.

Speaking of Mr. Klosterman, if you were waiting and wondering when his next great book might be coming out it, well it would be this September: a piece of fiction titled Downtown Owl. He most recently visited in Leipzeg, Germany (Jose has actually has been to this city where a special thanks to our friend, Wray, is due) as the picador guest professor of literature of american studies -- additionally, definitely check out this recent and especially excellent interview [here].

While we are on the topic of people who used to work for the Akron Beacon Journal (you surely knew Chuck wrote for them) and libations, we are both heading over to Akron this coming Saturday for Blues & Brews at The Stan Hywet Gardens where over 80 craft beers will be available for sampling [for the list: click here]. Just curious -- has anyone ever gone to this event?? Because we heard it is a good time and we are definitely looking fwd to it.

[mp3] NOFX - The Brews

Please Note: Since we're going to Blues & Brews, hence the title of this classic NOFX song, makes us recall when the Warped Tour was good. . .when we were young

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