Saturday, August 02, 2008

Top 5 Songs Of The Week ( It is really already friggin August?..Edition)

If you have no plans today you should head over to Collinwood for the 6th annual Waterloo Arts Festival it runs from 1-8pm. Come support a great neighborhood with great places like the amazing Music Saves, The Beachland (where they are having their rock n roll flea market from 11-4pm), Shoparooni, Cafe Marika and others hopefully the weather will cooperate.

5. (mp3) Tiger Tiger - Premarin This Italian duo play cute indie pop complete with handclaps and keyboards in the vein of all the twee pop bands you love except they are rather fouled mouthed which makes me smile :)

4. (mp3) The Photo Atlas - Merit When I hear this song I always think at first what a great driving song this and that maybe it is Les Savy Fav or maybe an obscure At The Drive In (damn I miss them) track. While I don't listen to newer bands like this anymore because I think the ones that did this style before like Fugazi are the best, I make an exception for this song.

3. (mp3) Say Anything - Baby I've Got Your Money (O.D.B. Cover... R.I.P.) It is so hard to resist whenever you have a non hip hop band covering a hip hop jam and they do it so matter of fact. This makes me recall when Dynamite Hack covered "Boys N The Hood"

2. (mp3) The Zombies - Summertime George Gershwin was so gifted for composing so many f*cking great songs. I continued to be amazed no matter who covers or samples this song from Sublime to John Coltrane to The Twilight Singers and a broad array of other artists how it always works. However I happen to think The Zombies cover is one of the best.

1. (mp3) Walter Meego - Forever You might Recognize this song from a recent Heineken Commercial (see below). They came last year to The Grog, and did an awesome job opening for VHS or Beta. They are coming back to C-town on September 10th to play @ The Spot on the campus of CASE with the always great RaRaRiot

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