Monday, August 11, 2008

Blues & Brews Mini-Pictorial

The moment we arrived to Blues & Brews at Stan Hywet Gardens, we were welcomed with cute (yes, they're cute) little Thirsty Dog beer glasses, wasted no time, and marched right on up to the beer tents (one tent all Ohio/Regional breweries and the other tent National/International breweries). It was a little overwhelming at first and we hadn't the slightest idea where to start, there were over 150+ breweries after all.

It turned out that we spent way too much time drinking beer (which isn't necessarily a bad thing, of course) and not enough time taking pictures. However, hopefully the below gives you the general idea of this super fun event:

Already looking forward to next year*

ps - Speaking of Blues & Brews. . .be sure to mark your calenders for September 20th's Blues & Brews OCNW Fundraiser Event at Wendy Park on Whiskey Island presented by Bar Cento and Beir Markt.


Narm said...

Drinking beer and being somewhere "nice" just doesn't seem like a good decision for me. What is their policy for taking of your pants?

taawd said...

i love posts but i love picture posts even more (hmmm, pictures...)

stan hywet is a northern ohio gem. the grounds are beautiful and the mansion is something of its own.

sept 20th is a big day for me, i'll have to check out the blues and brews event. that would be the third fundraiser i went to at wendy park this summer and i've never visited there before this year. beeeeeer!

taawd said...

by the way narm, i'm pretty sure the folks at stan hywet wouldn't appreciate your show of skin.

i'm just guessing here though...

Mel said...

Sounds like an awesome event! The Wendy Park shindig obviously will rock with bar cento and bier markt involved.

Although I still would like to see Narm attempt to take off his pants in the gardens.

Kelly and José said...

Narm -- thanks for the laugh, what really would have been funny is if you attempted to drop trou in front of all the cops that (for better or for worse) were present :)

Taawd -- you say that Sept. 20th is a big day for you, is there something else of note we should be aware of?

Mel -- perhaps Narm will have the opportunity to drop trou at B&B at Wendy Park?

ps - we have never been to Wendy Park, but we think we'd go just about anywhere in Northeast Ohio for a good beer fundraiser, especially one that's sponsored by Bar Cento/Bier Markt*

BloggingJason said...

I had heard that in the past Blues'n'Brews was a kinda meh event, but after seeing that Alesmith, Stoudt's, and Founder's were all in attendance, I am 100% disappointed I didn't attend.

But you can be damn sure I'll be at the OCNW event. Wendy Park is a great place to get your drink on.

p.s-It's actually not that hard to get Narm to lose his pants. I say we've got a 83% chance of it happening.