Monday, August 18, 2008

SONIC is finally coming to Streetsboro!

This morning I had to go and take my civic to the dealership for an oil change. While on on my way to the dealership I had two thoughts one being what else are they going to find wrong with my car and how much is it going to possibly cost me? and two how much the air smells and feels better on Monday morning when you are not on your way to work It feels almost (not really) the way it does when you are on vacation or during the weekend when the air is ripe with the promise of anything just not work that day.

After leaving the dealership where they thankfully they did not find anything else to gowge me for as they have many times before. I saw that down the street like an oasis in the desert, they are actually finally building the much talked about SONIC in Streetsboro. After announcing last year they were going to build one we were told it would be ready by next summer and then when that never happened we were rather down trodden. But alas the dream is alive and it is really going to happen. (see picture above, not the best but I was trying to drive at the same time) We are finally going to be able to go to a freaking sonic when the Streetsboro finally opens on September 15th. I am super excited that next time I go to the dealership I can go to SONIC afterwards and get a slush.

(mp3) The Dead Boys - Sonic Reducer (A Classic from Cleveland's Own :)


ryan said...

yeah but how disappointed will you be if it turns out that sonic actually sucks ass

Kelly and José said...

Whatever :)

Although, it most likely won't surpass our all-time favorite fast food indulgance: Arby's jamocha shakes and curley fries*

Brad said...

Glad to see it finally has an opening date. I drove by last month and was disappointed by the lack of progress I had seen. We had some "happy hour" shakes at the one in Hamilton on our way to Jungle Jims a few months back, and they were tasty and cheap.

Narm said...

You mean after I watch those damn commercials 300 times a day I can finally go to a real Sonic?

About time

Mel said...

OK, so the Sonic is coming to Cleveland... when, exactly? BALLS! I don't get out to Streetsboro much.

I love Sonic. When I drove across country, I could not WAIT to have their slushy drinks and burgers. YUM!

matt said...

Sonic does not actually suck ass....Sonic rules!

After having Sonic for years when I lived in West Texas, I have been VERY deprived for the past 20 years here in C-town being without Sonic.

I took a trip to Kansas City for work a few years back, and Sonic was one of our favorite parts of the trip.....and yeah, of course we had lots of BBQ while we were there, too!

p.s. - I am not sure that The Silent Years are still on that Hot Cha Cha bill @ The Matinee this weekend...but if they are, and you are not will love them....they are AWESOME.

If they are indeed off the show, they are back in September

Kelly and José said...

Happy to hear others share our enthusiasm for SONIC's Cleveland debut ;)

Also, Matt -- we double checked with TSY's booking agent (we chat with her on gmail sometimes) and she said they're still on Friday night's bill. Although, we did notice that The Matinee doesn't have them listed on their website for some reason. We've never seen them live, but are definitely looking forward to it*