Saturday, August 30, 2008

Top 5 Songs Of The Week ( Can't Believe it is nearly Labor Day Edition)

Today we are heading to Michigan for a wedding of a family friend. But, next Saturday are going to hit up the 10,000 Visions of Cleveland event. There is going to be food, bands, tours of Apartments and big block party on west 6th.

Hopefully tomorrow we are going to meet up with our friend Elizabeth in Ann Arbor, She is going to grad school there and we have not seen her in a while. Hopefully we will have the chance to catch up over many blood mary's mmmm. I know that some of you might be like ewww Michigan and to top it off Ann Arbor that is like going into the den of the beast. I am an avid fan of Ohio State but that does not mean I can't appreciate UofM for it's, outstanding academic programs and it's beautiful campus. I had two sisters who went there so that changed my opinion about the place for forever.

Tonight however if you are not going to see the awesome dose of 90's rock with Seven Mary Three/Sponge @ The Roc Bar. Then you should definitely head to The Grog for the White Williams, J.J. Magazine and Uno Lady show.

5. (mp3) Beck - Modern Guilt title track from his latest album which we have found to be a real grower. On this track We both agree it really sounds vocally and musically like Spoon's front man Britt Daniels. I also tend to hear some Bowie there too as I get older I hear Bowie in more and more things. Check out this great interview with Beck from this week's
Morning Edition on NPR.

4. (mp3) EPMD - Run In (Sinden Remix) This DJ/producer is supremely talented he has remixed Santogold, Lady Sovereign so many others and his cut with Kid Sister "Beeper" (B-Side on 9/17 and the opening set will be our boy Good Life Mike

3. (mp3) Airborne Toxic Event - Gasoline On Monday this band rolls into town opening for The Fratellis @ The HOB (remember their catchy song "flathead" from the ipod commercial right?) This song by Airborne Toxic Event is in the video game FIFA 09. Their songs are super catchy slices of guitar driven deliciousness they way Franz Ferdindad used to make. Their song "Does this Mean were moving on" is one of my favorites from last year. check out this cool video for this song, it will get stuck in your head

2. (mp3) Motel Motel - Coffee This morning as I write this post it is actually being powered not by coffee but by beer. I am drinking this delicious and very hoppy IPA from Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee they don't f*ck around with beer in Wisconsin. As far as this band they are from Brooklyn (go figure who isn't?) regardless they make some damn fine what I like to call "garage rock Americana"

1. (mp3) White Williams - Route To Palm Rocky River's own comes back home again. He has been on tour recently with Vampire Weekend. He will be opening for NIN in Louisville tomorrow. He is really talented and only 24 years old. He makes great slices of lap top pop. He has toured with Girl Talk twice .We missed the last two times he has come thru, but he is not to be missed.

P.S. On a side note this one time about a year and a half ago, we were at the Grog and while were were waiting thru the opening bands and having some beers. We were talking about how much we don't like J.J. Magazine and then this woman in front of us over heard us and turned around and gave us a very dirty look. Shortly there after we saw her go on stage and start to sound check. She was the leader singer. Needless to say we felt foolish but it still gave us a good laugh


matt said...

I think I am going to check out Fratellis/etc - looks like a great show!

have a safe trip!

ryan said...

I was at that show. Who else was playing there? All I remember about it was that I didn't go there to see J.J. Magazine.

Have a good time in Michigan! Let me know if you're still down for wings and beer tomorrow night.

CB said...

Interesting - I think our tastes overlap a lot, and I really like JJ Magazine, while I left the last White Williams show at the Grog early because I found it so boring. Never know, I guess.

And how did I not hear that Sponge was coming through town?!? Shit.

Kelly and José said...

Matt - did you end up going to the HOB for last night's show? If so, how was it??

Ryan - we think you were at that show too, as well as part of our conversation :)

CB - our tastes definitely overlap a lot, we're sure our paths will hopefully cross soon*

matt said...

I missed HOB on Monday night - by the time I got to Monday, and got done with various activities, going home felt like a really good option, so I took it.

Meez and the Fratellis are going to have to hang out another time!