Thursday, August 07, 2008

Tonight: Matt Costa

Who: Matt Costa

What: A talented singer-songwriter possessing a diverse collection of sounds that linger and replay in your mind

Where: The Beachland Ballroom

When: TONIGHT, doors open 8pm ($15)

Why: Just listen. . .

[Mp3] Matt Costa - Sunshine off Songs That We Sing
[Mp3] Matt Costa - Unfamiliar Faces off Unfamiliar Faces


taawd said...

i love when matt costa plays with jack johnson... i'm going to the browns game tho.

Mel said...

Darn. I've had Matt Costas on my playlist ("Never Looking Back") and didn't even realize who he was.

Thanks for padding his song space on my iPod with a few new downloads. :-)

Kelly and José said...

Tawwd -- hope you had a great time at the game despite the rain. Although, your pictures turned out really nice.

Mel -- if you would like any more tunes for your iPod, just let us know :)

Kelly and José said...

ps - TAAWD, promise not to misspell your name again! *sigh*