Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tribe Game Pictorial

Last night was spent at the Indians game and we were fortunate enough to bring home a winner. Just thought we'd share some pictures we took throughout the evening :)
Vantage Point
Looove the Dessert Cart
Beautiful Sunset
Dollar Dog Night
A rare sight. . .
Olympic Fever doesn't stop!


Alexa said...

ballers! how fun, dollar dog night AND a dessert cart?!? i would be in heaven.

Narm said...

Please tell me you got the chocolate shot glasses filled with Baileys?

CB said...

So you guys were really roughing it there, I see. Nice!

BloggingJason said...

I love Dolla Dog Nite. I feel like Kobayashi by the time the ninth inning hits....

matt said...

looks like it was a great time!!

I LOVE dollar dog night!!

taawd said...

dollar dog night - a dollar a dog

hanging out in a suite and not having to pay a dollar for a dog = priceless

check my last twitter!

Kelly and José said...

Alexa and CB -- That is how we do :)

Narm -- We didn't do the Bailey's shot, but it's always tempting. However, we were drinking our fair share of vodka (bartenders = us) as it was. . .

Jason -- Or do you mean Joey Chestnut? We can't believe he beat Kobayashi AGAIN.

Side Note: Jose only had three dogs, and is far from a professional.

Matt -- Dollar Dog Night is a good time, even when we are playing the Royals.

Although, you are completely correct, Taawd -- We didn't even have to pay a dollar for those dogs. Also, we checked your twitter and are happy to hear you're enjoying Lucky Charms. After all, General Mills' website states that it's:

"The kids’ brand with adult appeal for more than four decades. Made with whole grain, Lucky Charms is fortified with 12 vitamins and minerals, and is a good source of calcium."

ryan said...

rich motherfuckers

ryan said...

i just noticed that the sunset is the same color as jose's shirt

just thought i'd throw that out there