Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Random Retro Wednesday Song: Euro Trash Girl

This morning our neighbor's f*cktard boyfriend decided to rev his motorcycle for a good 10 minutes around 5:45am, this was much more unsettling than being woken by a rooster. We were none too pleased to have this sound start our day. Now I am trying to enjoy my coffee and relax.

A song that always helps me get on the chill tip is Cracker's "Eurotrash girl". This leads into something we are going to try and do now on Wednesday's and that is "A Random Retro Wednesday Song". We always have lots of songs we want to post about our flashes from our past and be able to tell a personal anecdote. I have nothing profound about to say about this song. It is my favorite Cracker song and I used to love hearing it on the Buzzard or The End back in the day. It was originally a hidden track off their awesome album "Kerosene Hat". It is has some great Texas sounding slide guitar in it, I have soft place in my heart for that sound. Not to mention David Lowery is amazing front man and lyricist. Coming in at over 8 minutes it is a great song to play on repeat and take up an hour of your time easily.

[Mp3] Cracker - Euro Trash Girl


ryan said...

It's funny you should mention that, because the alarm ringtone on my iPhone is actually a motorcycle revving, and it's set to go off daily at 5:45am.

Mel said...

YAY! Thanks for a great song to start my Wednesday! I LOVE this song.

CB said...

Man I love Cracker and I love this song. It sooo reminds me of driving my dad's minivan to school and fast forwarding through side 2 of Kerosene Hat to get to the secret song on the cassette tape. Yesss.

Matt said...

Man, I love this idea...and I love Cracker.

One of my favorite shows ever, saw them at the Odeon on their tour for The Golden Age album which has a song called The Big Dipper on it....which was another great slow drawn out Cracker epic...although it only ran about 6 minutes.

Dreary, depressing, and they opened the show with it.

So awesome!

there are a ton of Cracker live shows at recommend digging through some of the shows from the early 90s, of course!

In fact, here is a great show recorded right here in Cleveland, OH at the Empire. One of my favorite Cracker live broadcasts EVER.