Friday, September 01, 2006

extended weekend

This weekend is going to be pretty tame but it is just what we need. Next weekend is going to be the opposite it will be rather hectic for us because Erin who is Kelly's sister has her rehersal dinner next Friday and then next Saturday she is getting married. Then on Sunday is the first Browns game of the season and on Monday we leave for Ireland so we got alot going on.

Tonight be sure to check out Bears on 89.3 FM WCSB(here in c-town) or online. They will be guests tonight on the "Elixir is Zog" radio show from 11pm - 1am playing a special set of mostly accoustic versions of their songs. Also tonight if you are looking for a show in Kent head to The ECC @ 10pm to check out Nicholas Megalis doing a solo set. (see our top 5 from last week for info on him)

Tommorow if you are looking for something to do head down to the tavern in The Beachaland Ballroom and check out Bears first ever headling show. The openers will be Friend and Trouble Books. The show starts @ 9pm and costs only 2$ thanks to the awesome people at your favorite local indie record store Music Saves.

(mp3) Bears - Still Alright

Lastly tonight "Factotum" the movie based on the novel of the same name by acclaimed author Charles Bukowksi opens @ The Cedar Lee. People are saying Matt Dillion's performance of Henry Chinaski in this film is his best performance of his career. An interesting side note Sean Penn was their first choice for the role not Matt Dillion.

Trailer for Factotum

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Ken said...

Barfly will always be the best Bukowski movie because Frank Stallone is in it. Matt Dillon's best movie is.. My Bodygaurd