Monday, September 04, 2006

Fionn Regan

A few months ago, we posted a couple songs by Fionn Regan where we felt as though the songs had something about them that were familiar and had a tendency to stay with us. After hearing those songs, were definitely looking forward to his full length. We have actually had it for a few weeks now, but were procrastinating as we often do. So here is a long overdue post about Mr. Fionn Regan. . .

Fionn Regan is a singer song writer from Dublin, Ireland. As Americans, we both have a natural tendancy to compare any Irish singer song writer to the two most famous in recent years -- and those would be David Gray and Damien Rice. Mr. Regan sounds somewhat like those two but even more so reminding us of an Elliot Smith or a Nick Drake singing more upbeat songs with a voice that sounds like John K. Samson of The Weakerthans or that of a young Donovan. However anyone sees fit to interpret what he sounds like, what remains true is he very talented. He has the ability to draw you in and make you listen to him more. These songs sound simplistic yet beautiful with their great folk melodies and his soothing smooth voice.

His debut album titled "The End of History" came out August 7th in the U.K. on Bella Union records. This label is home to some great artists like: The Dears, Laura, Veirs, Explosions in the Sky and The Dirty Three. Being on a label with artists of that caliber will hopefully give him the exposure he deserves. The album, produced and written by Fionn himself, can be purchased here. Definitely take a moment to sample some of the goods below:

(mp3) Put a Penny in the Slot - Fionn Regan (very catchy first single)

(mp3) Hunters Map - Fionn Regan

(mp3) The Cowshed - Fionn Regan

Bonus: Video for Put a Penny in the Slot

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