Saturday, September 09, 2006

Top 5 Songs of The Week!! (congrats to Erin and Todd)

Today is the big day. Today in a few hours we will be attending the wedding of Erin (Kelly's sister and Todd. These songs have nothing to do with that but I just wanted to wish the two of them well.

5. (mp3) Hang On, Girl - Favourite Sons these New York cats are dropping their debut album on tuesday check em out.

4.(mp3) When The Week Died - A Weeks Worth - this San Diego band, is starting to make some noise in their city. they say they sound like a happier version of the strokes.

3. (mp3) Christine - Monsters Are Waiting this Echo Park,CA band has a great combination of deep bass lines with great guitar licks on top of sultry vocals.

2. (mp3) No More Birthdays / San Francisco Bay - Sound Team wish i was going to check them out @ the grog on Tuesday with the french kicks and The Twilight (who are local and good)

1. (mp3) (DRAPED UP REMIX) - Bun B vs Bloc Party I have been feeling this track for days, one of my favorite mix of the year.

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