Monday, September 25, 2006

Turn Here

A few weeks ago while killing time on google I discovered the site is a site that posts 2 minute films that have been shot by local amateur film makers about cool or unique places in their cities. The aim of this sight is to let people know where is a great neighborhood, the best shopping, dining, nightlife and the best tourists attractions are to be found. Their goal is have a collection of these short films from all over the world. They already have a broad range of films on cities from Reykjavik, Iceland to Memphis, TN to Krakow, Poland and in-between. There are even films up for The Nati and C-bus but no Cleveland. So someone here in C-town needs to get with the program and submit a film for something in Cleveland like Tremont, Ohio City, Coventry or even just The Great Lakes Brewery. We need to show the whole world how we do. The next submission period ends on October 31st.

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