Friday, September 08, 2006

No time for love Dr.Jones

This weekend we have a full plate. Tonight we have the rehersal dinner for Kelly's sister erin's wedding. Tommorow we have the wedding in the afternoon and then the reception tommorow evening. Also going down tommorow night is the battle we have all been waiting for #1 Ohio State vs #2 Texas down in Austin. Then on Sunday is the Browns (we have the most the loyal fans in the NFL look here) home opener as they take on Reggie Bush and the Saints. Plus in between all that we have to find time to pack because we depart for Ireland on Monday afternoon.

I don't know how much time we will have to post but tommorow I got some good stuff lined up for weekly top 5. Tonight that new Zach Braff movie "The Last Kiss" if anyone goes to see it let us know. I am somewhat interested in seeing it because some of it was shot in Madison, Wisconsin ( i lived there back in 02-03) , hopefully I won't end up hating like I did with Garden State. Here is a little short with Zach Braff talking about the movie and some of the choices he made for the soundtrack.

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