Tuesday, September 26, 2006

You Forgot It In People

Last night we went to go see the flick "The Last Kiss". We are going to post a review about it later today. We also recently saw "Half Nelson" and we will be giving a few thoughts on that thought film as well. Since I watched Half Nelson I have been on a big Broken Social Scene kick since they have 3 songs on the sidetrack. Only a band with a sound as diverse as Broken Social Scence could fit so well on a sidetrack for a movie like Half Nelson. If you have never seen Broken Social Scene's video for Fire Eye'd Boy you should check it out down below because it is good fun. You can buy the Half Nelson soundtrack here and the poster shown above here.

P.S. a couple of people asked me what was the name of the BSS song from Half Nelson when he was dancing with the girls. (mp3) Stars and Sons - Broken Social Scene

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