Monday, September 11, 2006


Good morning. It is hard to believe that has been 5 years since the horror of 9/11/01 occured. It seems longer than that but at the same time so recent. I think being an American it is important to not ever forget that this occured. I think most Americans can recall what they were doing on this day and where they were when it happened. I am going to share with you what I was doing. On 09/11/01 I was in a seinor @ Muskingum College in the middle of nowhere ohio. I was really excited that morning because on 09/12 I was suppose to head to New York city to attend the CMJ conference that year. I was in my second year at the radio station of being our music director and really felt that I was headed for a career in that industry. I was set to go and try and meet the contacts I had made as an md, in effort to secure my dream job of working for a promotion company and or a label doing college radio promotion. Needless to say I never got to go. CMJ that year was rescheduled for the middle October I could not go because I had mid terms. I also considered going to SXSW that spring but I ended up going to Italy instead and that is a whole another story. I accepted all of this as a sign that I was not meant to work in radio after all.

As far where I actually was when the first plane hit I was on my way to class. Right before I went to class somebody said something about a plane crashing into the world trade center and I thought that sounded really odd but did not give it much thought and went to class. Then when that class was over at 9:50am I walked into the station just in time to see a replay of the plane that crashed into The Pentagon. I was floored and in complete shock. At that point I said "well I guess I am not going to New York tommorow". It was such a somber and unforgetable feeling.

On a lighter note, Today we are departing for Dublin, Ireland this evening for a litle vacation and to visit my awesome sister Becky and her equally as awesome husband Paul. This is going to be the first time Kelly and I have flown together. I am not a big fan of trans-atlantic flights so hopefully having her long will be alot of fun and help make the time go by faster. I imagine when we return on the 18th we will have some pictures and stories to share. So until the 19th don't expect any more posts from us.

You should check this out if you didn't see it on stereogum the other day. Here is a collage of touring footage made by the Sound TEAM boys with super 8 and 16m cameras.

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