Saturday, September 02, 2006

Top 5 songs of the week

On this rainy Saturday morning here in September I can't help but smile because today means football is back, there is no work on Monday and Bears are playing tonight!

5. (mp3) Cinematic - The A-Sides these boys from philly make pop that sounds like the kinks, the zombies but also reminds me of psych pop bands like the oliva tremor control.

4. (mp3) Daily Sketches - Bastard Boy this San Diego native has vocals that remind me of Damon Gough (badly drawn boy) doing lo fi electronic indie pop.

3. (mp3) Atomic - Sleeper an oldie but a goodie. We saw the very end of Trainspotting last night while channel surfing, hence why I am including this.

2. (mp3) Julie's Story- TRS-80 This Chicago trio has had their music used by Nike and and Coca Cola in ads. they make music that sounds like... DJ Shadow, Fischerspooner and The Orb.

1. (mp3) Search Party - So Many Dynamos Pitchfork said these Missouri boys might be the next Dismemberment Plan, but they remind me more of MTB though. I put a song of their's on a mix for Kelly over a year ago.

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