Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I got nothing but this...

This morning I discovered the blog: Chris Walker Versus. This is an interview blog conducted by Chris Walker who is a guy from Reno, Nevada. Chris is always doing an interview with someone -- hence the versus in the title of the blog. Over the last few weeks, his nitch has been Chris Walker vs Bands and Booze. Some of the bands he has interviewed during this time are Silversun Pickups, Division Day, Birdmonster, The Nine Black Alps (he posted their video "When I wake up" back in May of this year). To read the great interview Chris did with Drew (who went to my high school) the lead singer of Wintergreen go here.

(mp3) Fall Apart - Wintergreen

This is completely unrelated but I wanted to share with you if didn't know already that Wendy's now has vanilla frostys available here in the US!! I was informed that in the land north of us (aka Canada) that they have had them there already for years. Has anyone had one yet? If so, was it delicious? It sounds great!

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