Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tuesday shiz

Right now we are in the midst of another exciting week at work. Thankfully there is good new indie rock out there to help break up the montony. Assembly Now have a great new remix available for download for their song "It's Magnetic" the remix was done by Luke Smith who was a guitarist of the recently broken up London band Clor. Next Monday (August 28th) the lads will be releasing their first single "It's Magnetic" on Kids Records.

(mp3) It's Magnetic (Luke Smith remix) - Assembly Now

Asobi Seksu are currently getting ready for their fall tour which starts next week, (sadly no cleveland date) to promote their awesome sophmore release "Citrus". If you have not checked out their video for "Thursday" from that album check out this video that perfectly matches the song with it's dreamy imagery.

Lastly a few weeks ago on Entourage I heard "Luchini (This Is It)" by Camp Lo. I had not heard this song in years, as a result it made me smile (which i don't do that often) and now I am going to share this awesome old skool hip hop jam with you. In appeared in the episode from this season where they went to Vegas it was when Vince and Turtle were first walking thru the casino. On a sidenote back in college we used to cruise with this song blasting.

(mp3) Luchini (This is it) - Camp Lo

here is a funny clip from the show

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