Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Return of the top 5 of the week!

As you may have noticed the last few weeks we have taken our top 5 off for various reasons mostly just being too busy and or lazy to post. Well this week have returned so here goes! This is going to be a list of songs Kelly and I have been talking about lately. Also everyone should be sure to wish Ryan a happy 23rd Bithday today, Happy Birthday Ryan!!

5. (mp3) I'm Already Gone - The Pleased This San Francisco indie pop/rock group has Joanna Newsom as member of their band. check out their performance from KEXP back in 04.

4. (mp3) I get the sense - Our Lady of the Highway This San Francisco band recently was featured on Pitchfork's download of the day. they play layered, jangly, indie rock with beautiful sad lyrics.

3. (mp3) Yours to keep - Teddybears STHLM This song is a great driving song and is known to cause people who can't dance to want to get down. Annie is featured on this track.

2. (mp3) America - Razorlight this song came on on shuffle on the iPod yesterday. We were surprised that it was this British band because they have come along since "Rip it up" and like the change.

1. (mp3) 6000 Shipwrecks - Kite Flying Society this San Diego band make great indie pop in addition to having a name that is a great Rushmore reference.

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