Friday, August 04, 2006

Good to go!

Here is some new regarding bands we have mentioned on our blog before. First off congrats to c-town's own Blazer, they recently announced that on August 21st they have a gig at PIANO'S NYC. They will be playing that night with Oppenheimer, Bad Flirt and Lifestyle. The boys also went to in the studio recently to record their first single so congrats to them.

Speaking of Oppenheimer who we have posted about a few times. They are coming to The Beachland Ballroom (in the tavern) on Monday August 14th with Bad Flirt and The Twilight opening. The show starts @ 9pm tickets are $6. So come out and support this great Irish band. You can purchase their album here. Coming up on August 17th @ 4:30pm they are going to have a Lounge Acts session on WOXY.COM. You can see how their tour is going so far on their live journal here.

The Hourly Radio were recently featured as's band of the day. Also the boys will be playing CMJ in November this year and they have an August residency starting @ The Annex in NYC starting August 17th. If you have not already done so go and buy their debut full length on iTunes it's great.

The Slack Republic have a new song up for download on their site and they also were recently featured in an interview on SHOUT!. They will also be playing The Midwest Music Summit in Indianapolis, Indiana on August 11th. Other bands playing the summit include : Dr.Octagon , Margot and The Nuclear So and So's , Page France, The Sun and Russian Circles.

And lastly R.I.P. to Arthur Lee the lead singer of the great 60's band LOVE. I was saddened to hear about his passing. I am not going to claim I am some indie snob who has known of them for forever. I honestly did not discover them till I saw Bottlerocket and I heard the song "Along Again Or". I did afterward check out their amazing album "Forever Changes" based on my friend Jeremy's recommendation.

Here is Love doing Alone Again Or live back in 2003

and here is Calexico doing a cover of Alone Again Or

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Jeremy Voorhis said...

For the record, the original recording outshines the cover by a longshot. My Julie, however, disagrees, thus the beginning of a new feud.