Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thursday's are not so bad

Last weekend we saw Little Miss Sunshine, which was a really great film that we both really enjoyed. I know a lot of people are hyping it up but it was very funny and is deserving of the praise. The next film we are looking fwd to seeing in the theatre is Half Nelson. This film stars Ryan Gossling as a school teacher who is a drug addict and when one of his students discovers this about him they develop an unlikely bond. Much has been made about the performances in this film of Mr.Gossling and how it is a breakout role for him as well as for newcommer Shareeka Epps (no relation to Omar). Not to mention, Half Nelson recently won the jury prize at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival.

Also, there has been some good rumbling about this film's soundtrack which features three songs by Broken Social Scene as well as songs by Billy Brag, Ryhmesfest, and The Somnambulants. Here is just one of the many places you can buy the soundtrack. The movie is coming to c-town here @ The Cedar Lee on 9/22. And, Broken Social Scene are coming to c-town on November 10th @ the HOB w/ Do Make Say Think.

Some songs from the soundtrack:

(mp3) A New England - Billy Bragg (my favorite song by him)

(mp3) Shampoo Suicide - Broken Social Scene

(mp3) Comforts of Absence - The Somnambulants (I put this song on mix cd for Kelly over a year ago)

Definitely take a moment to check out Half Nelson's Trailor:


Brad said...

I saw 'Sunshine' at Cedar Lee on Sunday afternoon. It was a great movie and we enjoyed ourselves despite the hoards of senior citizens packed in the seats all around us. For a minute I thought we were at a theatrical showing of a 'Murder, She Wrote' episode.

BSS show sounds very tempting. I've been listening to that CD a lot for the past few months.

SnogAsh said...

God. The things I would do for ten minutes alone with Ryan Gosling.