Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Riding low, Riding faster

Last night we attended the Phoenix show with Ryan, Lauren and Mike. It was the first time that Kelly and I had been to a show since July 9th when we saw Cat Power. We had been feeling quite burned out on shows and music in general so it was really nice to take a little break. Kelly and I were remarking last night on the way home how it is rather funny that not only were the last two shows we have seen both free, but they were two of the best performances we've witnessed this year.

As far as the show last night -- we missed the local opener The Very Knees but arrived just in time to catch all of The French Kicks set. With their new improved tighter sound I can see why Vagrant picked them up. If you have not already done so, go to daytrotter and get The French Kicks tracks from their great daytrotter session. Now on to the "main event" -- simply put, they were awesome. Phoenix had great stage presence, they were tight and cohesive as a band and had a phenomenal sound that left us wanting more. It was so amazing to see a band that normally plays arenas these days playing only 2 feet away from us at one of my favorite venues. Their set consisted mostly of new material from their most recent release it's never been like that. Luckily for us, during the encore they played the song we most wanted to hear which was "Too Young" best known from the Lost in Translation soundtrack and also on their album United. For more insight and some pics from the show check Ryan's post.

(mp3) Too Young - Phoenix

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