Saturday, August 12, 2006

Top 5 songs of the week

Gotta get out there and enjoy this sun but first some songs for your listening pleasure:

5. (mp3) Venice Isn't Sinking - Living in Polaroids This 16 year old girl from Long Island has a lot of talent and a pretty voice, reminding us of Azure Ray in this song

4. (mp3) Boat Song - Elephant Parade Peaceful bedroom pop that will make you smile

3. (mp3) Forever Lost - Magic Numbers Kinda like The Shins with a girl singing along (we normally are not fans of this band, but this song is an exception!)

2. (mp3) Call it Ours - The Legends A live version by this Swedish pop band was captured beauitfully by Bradley's Almanac

1. (mp3) We do not fuck around - Viva Voce This song gets stuck in Jose's head so easily it is just great and the chorus reminds us of The Pixies, anyone else feel the same?

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